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Getting Started

Getting Started In DanceGetting started is super easy!

The best way to get started is to take a private dance lesson or enroll in a group dance course.

For a limited time you can try a FREE 30-minute introductory lesson. Call (617) 372 5890 to schedule your 30-minute introductory private lesson right now (new students only). No future obligations!  

For group classes, visit the Boston Dance Classes page to read more about our group classes. We run them in 6-10 week courses.

For more information on private dance lessons – click here.

To get started or for any questions call Leon at (617) 372-5890.

Group and Private dance instruction:

Group Classes
This is one of the most popular ways to start learning how to dance. You enroll in a 6-week (or however many weeks) dance course with 10-30 other people. Throughout the course you learn new steps, techniques and partnering.

1. Very Inexpensive. Most group classes average to about $12 per class.
2. Great for socializing. With so many people in the class, you are bound to make some friends.
3. Switch partners all the time so you have to adapt to different people and it helps you learn faster.

Private Lessons
In my opinion, private instruction is the best way to learn how to dance. There could be up to 2 students in a private lesson with 1 instructor. The lessons are highly customized to the student’s needs and goals.

1. Because all the attention is on you, you will improve much faster. Your teacher will take the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve in areas you need most.
2. You’ll get in-depth instruction; learn technique, styling, musicality and more in great detail.
3. Lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

To get started or for any questions call Leon at (617) 372-5890.